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Klean gutters vs Other Gutter Guards

In this comparison of gutter guards, we highlight klean gutters features that are critical elements of our patented microfiltration technology (we license seven U.S. patents from gutter guard innovator Alex Higginbotham). Use the table below to compare klean gutters features to other types of gutter guards: screens, sponges, curves, louvers – even other micro mesh filters.


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MicroVortex Microfiltration

Klean gutters Gutter Protection Other Gutter Guards
✔ Next-generation filter from an innovator of patented gutter guard technology. Gaps that let in pine needles, leaves and other debris, leading to hidden clogs.
✔ More water-permeable than other fine filters, kleaning roof oils at a rate 10-times better than earlier technology. Rely on rainwater to flush gutters, which doesn’t have the volume or velocity to effectively keep gutters klean.
✔ Constructed of 316 surgical grade stainless steel for strength and durability. Debris remains undetected, causing clogs and premature aging of the gutter.
✔ Filters water to a standard higher than most municipal water companies. No guarantee of self-kleaning naturally occurring shingle oils.
✔ Completely enclosed cover that keeps out birds, bees and outdoor pests. Create dry, attractive places for birds and insects to nest.

Pitched With the Roof

klean gutters Gutter Protection Other Gutter Guards
✔ Maximizes wind flow down the roof to effectively remove dry debris. Flat gutter systems become shelves that trap debris where wind cannot reach.
✔ Water comes in contact with debris on an angle so it can flow more easily through the filter. Wet debris clings to surface and follows water into gutter, leading to hidden clogs.
✔ Installation methodology approved by the largest shingle manufacturer, GAF, not to void shingle warranty. Shingles often extend over other gutter systems, dramatically reducing the water receiving area.
✔ Porous surface causes debris to dry faster than it would on either a solid or flat surface. Debris stays wet longer, wicking up water that can reach the shingles.
✔ Self-kleaning properties help make the system maintenance-free. Ongoing maintenance is required to stop debris from building up.

Patented HydroVortex Technology

klean gutters Gutter Protection Other Gutter Guards
✔ HydroVortex technology stops the natural forward flow of water and redirects it through the advanced MicroVortex microfilter. Flawed design based on century-old technology that can allow debris to get into the system when it rains.
✔ Creates a powerful vacuum effect to siphon water into the gutter fast. The harder it rains, the more debris these systems let into the gutter.
✔ HydroVortex allows the system to work with all roof pitches, from flat to vertical. Rely solely on gravity and cannot adapt to roof pitch without water overflowing the system.
✔ Advanced self-kleaning properties surpass all other gutter guards. Once coated with shingle oil, water runs off the roof instead of into the gutter.

Strength and Flexibility

Klean gutters Gutter Protection Other Gutter Guards
✔ Shingle-Safe™ back allows you to adapt to roof pitch and not impact your shingle warranty. Rigid products can cause shingle lift and damaged shingles.
✔ Tested to handle heavy snow loads; metal memory allows it to snap back to its distinct profile. Flat- or low-pitched systems create a shelf that traps and holds debris.
✔ Front-to-back flexibility, side-to-side rigidity not found elsewhere. Can be unsightly, doubling the height and width of gutter.
✔ Don’t want to go under shingles? System can be adapted to wedge design. Gutter guards that get installed through shingles can void your shingle warranty.

Comprehensive Warranty

Klean gutters Gutter Protection Other Gutter Guards
✔ Warranty direct from manufacturer and is transferable if you sell your home. No other stainless steel gutter cover is willing to back their product with our warranty.
✔ Insurance deductible refund (up to $1,500). Do not back their product with confidence.
✔ Complete no-clog guarantee that covers the entire gutter system. Guarantee only applies only to clogged section, not whole system.

Professional Installation

Klean gutters Gutter Protection Other Gutter Guards
✔ Installs on any new or existing gutters. Can require the complete replacement of all gutters.
✔ Virtually any style and all common sizes: traditional, K-style, half-round, Yankee, fascia, internal gutters. Complicated installations result in labor costs too high to justify installing on existing gutters.
✔ Wide range of colors to match your shingles and gutters. Can require the replacement of all downspouts.

What Other Gutter Guard Dealers Will Tell You:

    1. Thick aluminum! They’ll make you do the “touch test” and tell you how strong it is. Is strength important? Yes and no. First, think of your existing gutters. They have never been thick and they’re made to adapt and adjust to wavy fascia boards, warped sub roofs and the inevitable drop toward the downspout. The biggest issue is working with roof shingles. Thick aluminum can cause a trough to form in the shingles before the gutter. Rainwater builds up here and seeps under the shingles at the seams. Dry rot can occur above the gutter run causing thousand of dollars of damage since shingles, the sub roof and rafters may sustain damage.


Opens for easy kleaning.

  1. Unique one-piece system! One-piece systems have been around since the early 1900s. They tend to work well when the weather is dry and let in debris through the gap that runs the whole gutter run when it rains. Systems that use hangers under the curve can actually start to yawn open over time, particularly in climates with snow and ice. Many of these systems are installed with oversize downspouts or open for “easy kleaning.”
  2. They’ll klean it when it clogs! Do you really want to install a gutter guard that doesn’t do what you expect it to? kleaning it for free when it clogs doesn’t solve the problem, which is keeping debris out of your gutter. Cleaning it for free solves their problem, because they don’t have a system that will perform like they advertised it will.


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