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Gutter Guards for Cottonwood Trees

If you’re one of the many homeowners who have cottonwood trees near their home, then you probably know of the havoc these trees can create. When the cottonwood’s sticky sap-filled buds or billowing cotton-like seeds and seed hairs make their way to your roof, they easily collect in your gutters and cause a clog.


Cottonwood buds typically appear between late winter and early spring – from January to March. These flowers, or catkins, turn into seeds covered with white fluffy hairs that are picked up by the wind and also collect on the ground around the tree.


If you’ve seen piles of white fluff around your yard in the springtime, you should check your gutters for clogs.

Once these sticky cottonwood buds find their way into your gutters – and they will find their way into your gutters – they build up by clinging to other debris and form an impenetrable blockage that can send rainwater overflowing the sides of your gutter and down into your home’s foundation.

klean gutters’s gutter guards for cottonwood trees can keep even the stickiest of substances from clogging your gutters.

Developed with a water-permeable material that won’t trap debris, klean gutters stainless steel micro mesh gutter guards are self-kleaning and guaranteed never to clog. And since klean gutters gutter guards are pitched with the roof, leaves and debris won’t build up as they can with other gutter protection systems.

Cottonwood trees pose an extraordinary problem for gutters and downspouts, and there is no perfect defense against the ultra-sticky nature of cottonwood seeds. But with klean gutters – and by simply brushing off the gutter cover after cottonwood buds have fallen for the season – you will mitigate the long-term problems associated with clogged gutters.


At heights of over 150 feet, the cottonwood tree is an imposing beauty. But when looming over one’s home, it can become easy to ignore its majestic nature in favor of dismay and resentment while you’re kleaning its refuse out your gutters.

With klean gutters, you’re free to enjoy your cottonwood trees and will gain confidence in knowing that your most valuable asset – your home – will be protected. Stop kleaning your gutters and contact klean gutters today!

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