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Copper Gutter Guards: The Beauty of Copper. The Performance of klean gutters.

Love the look of copper gutters, but afraid to make the investment in gutter guards because of the lack of options?

Not to worry. You’ve come to the right place.

Nothing looks as fine on a home as copper gutters. Shouldn’t you have copper gutter guards to match?


Congratulations! You’ve invested in or inherited a gutter that has been known to last 100 years. A gutter that will set you home apart from others in your neighborhood. They add an elegant statement as they patina to a deep, rich bronze and eventually to a dusty church-spire green. Your eye is naturally drawn to them every time you drive up to your home, or walk up to your front door.


No matter which style you choose, Ogee (which looks like crown molding, also called K-style) or half round, they will be plagued with the same problems that affect all gutters: they clog with seasonal tree debris. Small, bud-like debris in the spring, buckets of leaves in the Fall.

Should you be obliged to clean them? Should you be limited in your options for gutter protection?

Traditionally, they only choices available have been expanded metal screen and the 100-year-old reverse curve design. And, as the industry has evolved over the last ten years to favor micro-mesh in independent testing, copper gutters have been given short shrift.

Those days are over. You can now have the copper gutter guards that have raised the bar and set the “gold standard” in copper. klean gutters has brought its state-of-the-art protection to copper gutter guards.

Rest easy. Your copper gutters can be permanently protected with klean gutters copper gutter guards.


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