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Ice Shield Heated Gutter Guards by Klean Gutters

Heated gutter guards are a great option if you want to keep your gutters clog-free and also eliminate the problem of icicles and ice dams during the winter.

Want to keep ice from damaging your gutters or roof? We’ll send you a free report on our ice-free, heated gutter guards plus sign you up for a free estimate. Ice Shield Heated Gutter Guards by klean gutters may be the perfect four-season gutter guard choice for you!

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Do icicles plague your entrances, leaving a sheet of ice under every door? Have you experienced anything like the picture below, where ice dams form over your gutters? That’s a classic example of where heat loss from your roof causes water to refreeze over your soffit, which is much colder than your attic.

If any of these situations is familiar to you, then heated gutter guards should be something you consider for a true four-season gutter guard.

How does Ice Shield by klean gutters work?


A klean gutters heated gutter guard melts ice and eliminates ice dams.

Ice Shield can be heated with a self-regulating heat cable or a constant wattage heat cable. You can heat an area as small as over an entrance way or an entire gutter run. The heat cable prevents ice in your gutters and ice dams while allowing water to flow through gutters that would normally freeze solid with ice.

Imagine the pleasure of walking into your home even on the snowiest of days and not worrying about slipping on an ice-covered stoop. Melted snow from your roof will flow freely through your gutters and downspouts. You’ll be able to put thoughts of every snowstorm causing damage to your roof edge out of your head. With heated gutter guards, you’ll never have to worry about your gutters pulling away from your home, either.

Ice Shield Heated Gutter Guards offer:

Best of all, you’ll have all of the benefits of a traditional Klean gutters gutter guard. Our multi-patented, self-cleaning micro mesh technology has been highly reviewed independent testing by builders and home improvement experts. You’ll still be able to keep out leafs and other debris, and you’ll still be able to collect rainwater for your spring and summer gardening. You won’t be cleaning out your gutters every spring and fall. Add in the best warranty in the business, and you’ll never worry about your gutters again in any season with our heated gutter guards.

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