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How klean gutters Works

One of the first questions people ask is about how klean gutters works. klean gutters’s inventor, Alex Higginbotham first introduced micro mesh gutter protection in 2001. In the decade that’s followed, he’s learned quite a bit, allowing him to better his technology in several ways. Here’s how klean gutters works:

Higginbotham’s latest advancements are not in other gutter guards. While other systems have stayed exactly the same, klean gutters has continued to evolve. That means you get more in the technology behind how klean gutters works and better performance than what he did a decade ago.


So, what’s changed?

So you can see, how klean gutters works makes your choice of gutter guards much easier!

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Clean gutters works with leaves, pine and fir needles, oak tassels, maple helicopters, even shingle grit.

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